In order to understand aircraft best, it is obligation to know two sides aircrafts. İn this war ottoman had some ‘’ aircraft farce on paper than these were made functional anal made it to be troop.

Ottoman had 1. Troop 6. Troop, 3.water Aircraft tropp, in this section totaly there were 5 ‘’ Aircraft troop’’

1.Air plane in galata in gallipoli

6. Air plane in Erenköy in Nara

3. Water Aircraft troop in Köseburun

4. Air Troop was working in Uzunköprü

It is undoubtful that Ottoman also needed airparts to supply these air-craft movements, galata Airport where was built in galata village in july of 1915, for land-air planes to protect limon Von sonder Pasha quarters.

Nora Airport; it is in Nora. It was built for water-aircrafts. There were two ones, one of was in Köse Burnu- under this name, there were 2 airports, and it is now in around intepe. In 5 july of 1915, cos of bombing 2 planes, it had been concelled. The other one was around Çanakkale’s airport today.

Uzunköprü Airport; in last 2 years; it had great impact in frontlines. Çanakkale’s some planes had been transferred to here. Except from the airparts, Yeşilköy, İzmir, Dedeağaç, Edirne, Tekirdağ and Kutali Airports had been used.

There are some antiaircrafts were designed like batteries, with some changings, there ware some antiaircrafts troops such us;

3.Artilery regiment 2, 37 mm artillery

4. Artillery regiment 6, 37 mm artillery

5. Artillery ragiment 4, 37 mm artillery