As it is know, human had tired to fly in different time periods. But Wright brothers accomplished it in 17 december 1903 in ‘’ the flayer’’ plane. Since then, flying has been important and, the developments have been accelarated. İn 1909 the first military plane belonged to U.S.A and followings were french, england and italy. The first taking aff from ship accured in 1910 in U.S.A, also the first aircraft carrier had been joinel to army in 1911. The first plane in war used in trablusgarb by italians.

Ottoman empire realized the importance of flying and they started to work on it first in 1911 by mahmut Şevket Pasha’s order with the aims of military aims. For that reason, some soldiers had been sent to england and france to be pilots, planes had been bought from these countries, they had been set up. İn ottoman, there were 10 surveillonce, bombardment planes, but they werent used these in 1. Balcon war and also just some obsevation were made.

One to fact thet ottoman Empire turned its face to Germany, Ottoman quiation turned its style as resource to germany as well, while it had been based on France and England before. Because England and France hadn’t given trainig to flyers and hadn’t given plane. Germany supported Ottoman as gun, equipment materials. Germany had sent pilots, specialist, planes, boms and replacement parts.

When Ottoman Empire entered into World Ottoman had 4 strang.

As it is know, when Ottoman entered into war, there were some several battlesides. İt is the crucial part because there was dardanelles. İf dardanelles passed, Germany would become with Russia and Germany would be surrounded by Balcons, the most important thing is Ottoman would have been disqualifed. Before the war, there were some watercraft which were sent in 3 rol August of 1914 and they were called backcos of technical problems.

Before ejecting, there was a watercraft named ‘’nieport’’. Fazıl Bey made observation in 5 th of 1914 as first attempt. The followings were 10 september 2 october 14- 19 october in 1914. With Germany’s sending ‘’Erich serno’’ there, many things chanced and aircraft started to be in new term.