By looking through allied notions Powers, erylish east expedition depended on force command. In Bozcaada, there were 98, aircraft squadron and 20 planes. In addition to this, English brought here planes and made a common troop. The forces divided and fastened to royal Air Forces. Afterthat; they worked after Thessaloniki invasion, mainly in demnos island.

İn Çanakkale, there were 6 airports, 4 were stable, 2 were portable Bozcaada Airport it was first mixed. After june 1915, it was just for French.

Seddulbahir Airport it was in Seddulbahir, for 4 planes. It was changeable into an urgency place much more than airport because ottoman attack, and it was very windy in 1915.

İmbros Airport; it was in Imbros. After July of 1915, it was totally for English ones.

Jemnos Airport; it was in lemnos Airport this airport was functional than allied nations going away. After Serbia was invaded by Germany, it made stronger and it was used to observe the places from İstanbul to Serbia.