Yes, they did. Paydos, Gallipoli,Lâpseki, Çanakkale, İstanbul and Uzunköprü some of them. In Maidos English aircraft attacked and 5 civil, 5 soldiers were killed, many injured. The priest (Metropdittle) died also. In 1917, 5 January, 3 July 1917, 10 July 1917 they bombed Çanakkale.They bombed Lapseki 3 January 1917. 9, 12, 27 June 1918, bombed by aircrafts Uzunköprü.Uzunköprü had been bombed deliberately but athers had been done on purpose. Other important places where English bombed, were the hospitals.1 May 1915 Mydos Hospital, 26 July 1915 Celil Paşa Hospital,4 August 1915 Ezine Hospital, 5 August 1915 Ağıldere Hospital,9 August 1915 the hospitals in Galata Village, 13 August 1915 Arıburnu Hospital, December of 1915 Reşit Paşa Hospital ship had been bombed. Many people including French, English soldiers had been treated by Ottoman.

Another facility was “air photography” They also took photos like Ottomans and they got benefit on them. As a result, I’ll talk about balloons. There was a stable balloon of Ottoman in Balcan Wars period, but they couldn’t be worked cos of technical problems. In I world war, Germany gave stable (4-5) stable balloons. One of them had been sent to Çanakkale, but we didn’t know wheter it had been used or not. On the other hand the opposite’s ballooning had three balloons such as Manika, Canning, and Hector. These nations weren’t successful because of geographical troubles and balloons couldn’t be sent.

Ballons were being worked like this. The soldiers who had ropez and telephone cables were being removed up to 200 (mtrs) and the observators were stating what they saw by phone to the authorized people.