Ottoman aircraft didn’t bomb civilian places. Because there are no civilian places. But allied nations facilities were much more than Ottoman as activities and various of duties. For example; allied nations damaged heavily as military, as social, as civilian and they tried to prevent Ottoman’s Marmara’s naval arrival. Besides, they bombed the cities people live. In 18 March 1915, 25 April 1915, French planes worked in Kumkale, in European part, English planes worked. Allied nations planes bombed the ships which brought food, drinking, soldiers, equipment and some of them were sunk. They bombed the stations and railways in 9, 12 ,27 ,June of 1918 in Uzunköprü. Allied nations planes joined in propaganda. Also they supported the standing back tactics. Especially between 19-20 December 1915, they applied it very well. They attached Çanakkale and Marmara often, so they distracted Ottoman’s forces attention’s there. Also, they bombed İstanbul deeply in order to thinking of they could be bombed by allied nations.

They bombed the factory of Zeytinburnu, Haydarpaşa Station, Selimiye and Davutpaşa Military Post, Haliç, Gülhane Park, Hasköy Military Facilities, Yeşilköy Airport, İstanbul Elektrycity Factory, Galata Bridge and the balloon group in Galata. Superme Military Command prepared gradual defence design. Another significant aircraft war was in Imbros. Ottoman and English aircrafts crashed hearily. “Yavuz” was damaged drastically, and 2 English planes had been fallen down. “Yavuz” was landed. That was the exact war because English soldiers attached to sink “Yavuz” and Ottoman took back aircraft forces because they realize the importance.

In these five days aircrafts attacks, there were inervals of rescuing. Allied netions bombed 180 tons of bombs. Two of these directed well, damaged less. At the some time 14 planes attacked. With the sending of Yavuz’s sending to İstanbul, it was a success of Ottoman, but for the others was failure. During this Imbros event, 4 planes of English were fallen down. It was the first time, Ottoman’s made the warcraft fallen down first.