The pilots who were qualified made observations and measurements while flying and they made signs on maps, they took notes on their notebook and presented these to authorization. The other duty was taking photos. They could take 3000(mtrs) photos. We have 1200(mtrs) photo till now. Mostly they were taken by Kömer. He took 200 photos from 300-400 (mtrs) away in few days. All these photos had been used by using maps. The other activity was bombing the airports, for example Imbros and Tenedos Airports had been bombed been 27 September 1915. 3-4 September 1917, 18 April and 25 July 1915. Also, Limnos Airport was bombed in different dates. As a result, airports, planes, equipment had been damaged.

The other significant bombing was General Sir Ian Hamilton’s yatch bombing. It was not shoot inspite of using 2 2,5 kg’s and 3 10 kg’s bombs of German. The bombs arrived by yatch but this gave positive mood to Ottoman Army bombed the bridges. They did this in order to stop enemy by the time of Moudros. In October 1918, Gümülcine- Kösemescit- İskeçe- Narlıköy bridges had been bombed. Ottoman planes joined propaganda war. They sent many provocative statements in 25 April 1915 to whom coming from French colonies soldiers. Aircraft team had been used to submarines by effectively. Especially they took the duty of in Marmara Region, they made the English submarines sunk. Also, Ottoman had duties against of balloons.