Capturing of Dardanelles Strait was considered by the Allies when the Çanakkale War started in 1914. After Ottoman Empire entered the Çanakkale War the Bosphorus came up. Wanting for help, Russia reasoned from England in 1915. This suggestion was accepted and the first Lord of the Admiralty of England, Winston Churchill made a plan about Çanakkale city. According to that plan, Russia will be helped, thanks to the connection be established  the Western front will also be helped, bosphoruses and İstanbul will be captured and Ottoman Empire will be defeated.

The Real Reasons of Why Çanakkale Front Appeared:

1. To cause Ottoman Empires vanishment by capturing İstanbul and eliminate it.

2. To envelop Germany and Austria – Hungary from the southern and isolate German Blog from the Europe with the Ottoman Empire’s elimination from the war.

3. To be powerful in the agreement by capturing Bosphorus part before Russia which they had said to give it to England, France, Russia.

4. To take away danger of Turkish on the Suez Canal and India Road also to take away all fronts by obliging Ottoman Empire to make peace.

The other reasons why Çanakkale Front was opened:

1. The willing to help Russia for easing Turkish attacks which was occurred towards Caucasus.

2. To exploit from the Russian resources, to fix its economy. Because of this a solution was being looked for to bedelivered the necessary help to Russia.

Baltic Seaway: Under German Control

The North Pole Sea Route: It is icy for 9-10 months a year.

To reach to Russia via Europe: It was under the German control.

The way which links Londra and Odessa: This way was being considered as the way of İstanbul Strait and the Dardanelles Strait. Owing to his, opening the Bosphoruses by force should have been prefered for bringing the help to Russia.

3. To win over the states which was confused about entering the battle like Bulgaria.

4. To prevent to be moved the refuge which was in Marmara Region and Thrace and also prevent the possible headway through Balkans.

5. To destroy prestige and authority of the khilafah for Crescent.

6. To show a brilliant success to English people who fed up with the wars in Ditch.