In the beginning, the advance of British wasn’t resisted. By 9 o’clock it was certain that Kirte would be recaptured. However, when the main forces of two sides started to conflict with each other, the situation changed for allied forces. Forth necessity of British After attacking plan, the 87th Brigade that took the main burden of the campaign charged the 20th Regiment to recapture Yassıtepe in the West; but the regiment stopped the attacks by performing a great resistance.

The First Kirte Battle was one of the bloodiest battles of the history. The Kirte Campaign of the allied forces ended in fail, the expected targets didn’t come true. The victory of the First Kirte Battles increased the hope of driving the enemy into the sea and cleaning of the Peninsula. After the 5th Army had wanted reinforcement, the 15th Division of the 5th Army Corps, ruled by Fevzi Pasha, was decided to be sent.