Important developments happened for Turks at Arıburnu battleside on April 26th. At the night of April 26th attack could not be successful because of disorganized soldiers from 77th Regiment. The units of 27th regiment had to withdraw from West part of Kanlısırt, at the rest of the night infantry from 77th regiment regrouped over in the Kocadere Köyü. Because of that, April 26th was going to be most critical day for Mustafa Kemal. Enemies any possible campaign or attack in that day would destroy all the sacrifices had been made for the peninsula. However on that day, unexpectedly nothing seriously happened. Only some trench battles occurred. Moreover there was constant attack orders coming from the army commandership.

First reinforcement came to the battleside on April 27th. Under the commanding of Major Servets 64th infantry regiment reinforced 57th regiment, from the 11th division 33th infantry regiment reinforced 27th regiment. Under the commanding of Staff Major Mr. İzzettins 19th Division reinforced 57th Regiment. However the 33th Regiment was able to reinforce the left wing of the battleside which was 27th Regiment around the evening. As a result of the attack started morning 10.00, 27th regiment won back the trenches at Kanlısırt which was lost a day ago. With the restarted attacks at the night of 27th April, Anzac forces couldn’t force to draw back. There was a defense line set from Albayrak hill to Düztepe line. That defense line wasnt change at all overall 8.5 months except some minor events. That line began from east of Cesarettepe, continued from Bombasırt and Kırmızısırt, Kanlısırt to Albayrak Hill.