(4th June 1915)

While the assault scheduled was to be started on the 4th June, more prudent plans were prepared in order to reach the target. Also armoured vehicles had been decided upon to be used for the first time during these battles.

Preparations on the Turkish side had been made. Out of the units of the South Group Commander Weber Pasha, the 9th division were stationed on the right side of the road between Kirte and Seddürbahir while 12th division, sent to serve in the South Group upon their arrival to Akbay Port on the 16th May, were covering the left side of the road.

Starting at 8am on the 4th July bombardment grew intense after 11am and literally repelling fire. Silence of the Turkish forces that were meeting the intensity of the firing in serenity or made to meet the intensity in serenity made Allies think the Turkish forces had heavy losses in their trenches. When the time was 12:10pm the French forces had started an attack on the 12th division's frontline assuming there was nobody alive left in the Turkish trenches as a result of the bombardment. However the French had to stop their assault due to the response and intense firing of the Turkish forces resulting in heavy losses. Some of the 8 armoured vehicles used in the battle got stuck in the roads as the terrain had been severly damaged because of the heavy bombardment while others were overthrown and were disabled. Although armoured vehicles on the path to Kirte had made it to the Turkish trenches they couldn't go over the trenches of about 2metres wide dug by the Turks. Those vehicles being able to work had to withdraw due to heavy fire and were never used again during the battles. Hamilton felt disappointed at the end of the first day of the battle.

Aspinal reports the English lost 4500. The French war correspondant Roux reported the French had lost 31 officers and 2000 privates. According to Roux the English had actually lost about 6000 of officers and privates. The loss of the Turkish side is consented as 9000 in total.