In Arıburnu invasion ,Anzac army carps under the administration of General Birdwood was given that mission.The aim or Anzac Army Carps was to land the North of Kabatepe , and to walk alang the east of Maydos.The invasion of Anzac Army Carps i had a big impartance for Turkish history as Australia and New Zealand.Kocaçimen and Conkbayırı was the crucial key point of Boshprous and possession of these hills would be shown.It was decided that dissnissing of 1.Avusturalia Divisions in 3.Brigade which was under commender of the first anzac forces Brigader Macca fort hat Colonel Singlair Mac Lagon didided the brigade to land .Battalion was on the right side, X.Battolion was at centre XI.battalion was on the left side.

The aim was to invade on share 4000 soldiers before sunrise.They wanted to make a way to Kavaktepe , Conkbayırı and Kocaçimentepe honging Maltepe and Maydos. So that ,it was lost contact with Türkish army corps with Seddülbahir.

Wrong events chair passing in English Formal History had started when operation started.That is the flood caming from North and flowing alang the Peninwla.That flood , over the novigatars estimation,dragged whaleboat beyond the North of Kabatepe .When that sitvation was realized it was too late.The main couse of that wrong was the wrong divtance among whale boots.The other mistake was to be taken off whale boots by Turkish squadion leader Mr.Halis.

When 1.Avustralion Division’s soldiers came to shore at 4.45,the Rire was opened by 8.campany .2.Squadran with the first sunrise of day,under the cammender of from Gallipoli Süleyman Nancam with 80 people army,went towards to enemy in Koru Dere Hain Hill,The Turkish side was 160 people.After that ,these unions, 1.squadran which was at Captain Asım’s commond and 1.squadran which was at İbradalı İbrhims cammond ,supparted this The number of Turkish side exceed only 300 people.Where the number of Anzac unions exceed 4000.

Regiment commander Mr.Şefik had been waiting the cammend of invasion when invasion hurried up.Mr.Şefik wanted to bring forwend the other line two battalions.

Yarbay Şefik who realized of two battalions couldnt be in that lond.It was decided the attack would certainy accur in Arıburnu.

The reparts answer had arrived to the 27.regiment battalion.The General of 9.Division Mentioned that it started to progres Kocaçimen of 57.Division after that he wanted to progrevs with link 19.Division .By the way 27.Division commend İbrahım from Malatya progresssed successfully to Kanlısırt and in the morning he succeeded in taking three artilleries from Australion.

He had been as 19.Division needs of army.Lemtenant Colonel Mustafa Kemal was informed about the invaslon .Mustafa Kemal waited on invasion from that region and made the division ready about that invasion.Mustafa Kemaln made same one writ six item commend and he had a report written about that.

It announced that the arrived of 57.division of front at 10 o’clock in the general staff.However M.Kemal anounced that they started to at tack at o’clock and army got rest for 10 minutes after coming to Conkbayır.So it understood that arrived of the army wasn’t at 10 o’clock it was fifteen minutes ago.

In that time,M.Kemal had seen the soldiers and he got them laid down on gound M.Kemal get Anzac soldiers stopped and then started to attack.Everybody was ready to die or kill.Also , Atatürk “I’m ordering ypu to die not to fight” and his modest attitude had been stated in our glamorous history.

After 10.00 o’clock , point cantinents in 57.Division started invasion against enemies.They forced Jackson firsty and then battalions which was on Kılıçbayır.

27.Division succeeded in stopping Anzacs who cimed at Conkbayır and the attacks preparations started .In the Midday ,27.Division started to be in cantact with 57.Division .Athough Mustafa Kemal decided to defect enemies 27.Division and 57.Division wouldnt succeed anything except some regions .It was a hard day especially for Anzacs.The invasion made in early in the morning had been successfuil 15.000 people was ejected to the share .Continents occupied simpartont region and the attack was successful.