Trenches and lines of the frontline became clear earlier In Arıburnu than Seddülbahir. These trench lines would not change almost until the end of the war. On the other hand, the reinforcements were continued to be sent from Istanbul to Arıburnu. Firstly, the 125th Regiment of 16th Division arriving Gallipoli was propelled immediately to the battlefield in the morning of 28th April.

Turkish attack began on 1st of May at 05:00. The attack remained during the day and continued until morning. Starting of the attack, the enemy navy began fire with its all bombardiers. Turkish side was attacking daytime for the first time and an open target for the enemy artillery. A cruel cannon shot continued particularly against the attacks on Kanlısırt.

Even though the Turkish side repeatedly attacked during the battles in Arıburnu after the attacks of 1st May, the expected result could not be obtained. It was clearly understood that forcing people to attack openly against a powerful enemy buried with a strong fortification was impossible. Besides having the most modern capabilities of the time, the enemy had hundreds of machine guns and hundreds of cannon tubes protecting them in the sea.    

A certain result could not be obtained from the attacks during May. An Anzac Brigade started a hasty attack on Bomba Sırtı at 23:00 night of 9th – 10th of May. However, the 57th Regiment stopped this attack in front of the trenches by turning a heroic attack. The casualty report of the day was 600 death and 2.000 wounded.

Another Anzac attack was held on the Turkish trenches between north of Bombasırtı and Cesarettepe at 01:30 on May 13-14. The aim of the attack was to capture Bombasırtı-Düztepe part and recover the weak lines of Anzac powers’ center and north wings but it was driven back by Turkish infantry.