An attack in the region of Seddulbahir was planned to puzzle the Turkish unit and to prevent the support by units to the main points of the attack. The attack was going to be charged to the trenches in bothsides of Kirte Deresi. Despite the fact that this was a tactic attack, as it was stated by British formal history, there was the optimism, which was nearly alike in April, in the. 8th Corps Headquarters in Seddulbahir. By forgetting the limited targets that the General Headquarters gave to Corps, early recapture of Kirte and Alcitepe had been demanded with the special command of Corps on August 6. According to the plan, the attack was going to start slowly at 14:200 and one hour later after the heavy cannon balls started fire, all the field artillery and machine guns in the area would start firing. At 15:50, the units would start attacking.

After the beginning of British cannon ball firing, The Turkish bombardler responded with the same severity. This fire caused a heavy destruction in British trenches and also damaged communication. Transortation ditches were blocked, and two British cannon ball were taken down. After that, at 03:50, the attack of infantry had casualties in the beginning and then they approached toTurkish trenches. This led the back followers to optimism and caused the reports to be written to the Corps about the capture of targets. Infact, the situation was different; the 88th Brigade was destroyed and had to drawback from the trenches they captured before. Within this period, the 88th Brigade lost 2000 soldiers which was 3000 in the beginning. The reports of General Cayley, who understood that the attack had resulted in failure, were not respected. In Corps and Division Headquartes.On the contrary, it had been decided that the attack resulted in success within the frame of first reports.

With the failure of attacks on August 7, Hamilton had been frightened. The advance of this attack which would be charged by already existing soldiers, without reinforcement, and again a failure in the end, could put the attack which was growing in the North into trouble. According to Hamilton, it was necessary for the units here to stay in defence. Maybe later, with the units which would be transferred from here to the North, a new attack could be considered as a result of the weakening of Turkish Force.