On June the 15th Hamilton commanded preparation of operation that would be held in south. The target was to ensure the safety of the the center's operations as battle front’s both flanks ensuring progress in Kerevizdere Zığındere.

This assault, was the first to be made solitarily with troops consisting of the French Legions and gunboats at about 600 meters front. By this deployment, it is aimed to seize the line bulwarks French called Haricot near the hill altitude of 83.

Operation had started at 06:00, after a severe 45 minuntes heavy canonade at about 05:15 in the morning. Severe canonade ruined all the trenches, made them almost unusable. This battle was held by the 19 May’s exhausted trench; 2. Trench.

Both legions had continued to resist with the precautions taken and reinforcements came, the French troops 3rd offensive attack which began at 14:15 was also remained inconclusive. The ongoing French attacks since morning had been stopped at 16:00, the enemy only in the zone between regiment’s inner flnaks, gone up to connecting trench and settled.

Ally had no gain except the 150-200 meter conquered region. Conversely the loss was excrescence comparing to the acquisition. While British writer gave the loss of French assault was over 2500 dead and injured, Roux preferred not to give any numbers about this issue.

In the casualty report sent by the 5. Army Commender from Yalova to Supreme Military Command’s Deputaion, the casualty of enemy indicated as 7000 while the casualty of the Turkish side the last detected as 5800 soldiers and 79 army officers.