Battles in May continued with the superiority of allied forces in Seddülbahir. Heavy attacks started here. On the second day of landing, gallant soldiers of the 26th Regiment slowed the campaign down, many soldiers were martyred. As the reinforcements did not arrive on time and enemy was successful in some of other landings and upon the risk of rear siege of Turkish units, the units that were ordered a withdrawal, set a new line of defense around Yalçıtepe before Kirte. On April 26th, 26th Regiment 3rd Battalion and 25th Regiment 1st Battalion fought a great struggle. The casualties of 3rd Battalion were 636, six of them were military officers and this amount is 57% of overall numbers. The casualties of allied forces were estimated 2600-3000. Until the night of April 26th, the total casualties of 25th and 26th Regiments in Seddülbahir defense area were 1897.

On the other hand, Ottoman Chief Command ordered to drive enemy to the sea. On April 25th and 26th, although their heroic struggle, 25th and 26th Regiments of 9th Division could not drive enemy to the sea. However, they managed to stop the advance of enemy. 9th Division decided an attack. The aim was to prevent enemy from getting ready on Eskihisarlık- Zığındere line. No result was obtained from this attack but Turkish forces were able to reach enemy outposts.