As of April 25, TheAlliedForces had brought thousands of soldiers to the Peninsula to reach their target, theresultcould not progressandlimited in a fewkilometresarea in spite of many bloody battles. Unexpected serious casualties, coming of the hot weatherwithsumer, disasesstartedmakingthestiuationharder. Despiteall of this, Hamilton kept the hope of recapturing the Peninsula with there inforcement of armory and soldier and he always stated this matter in the telegram to London. Ontheotherhand, Britain wasunabletogettheresult in the West battlefield.

Thespeech of Churchill in Dundee, thecoastalcity of Scotland, onthe 5th of June is importantfortheattitude of Britain towardsGallipoli. He said “Battle of Canakkale is harsh and devastating. But the victory will certainly be gained and every thing will be allright.”

LordKitchnerstartedtochange his mindagainstthedemands of Hamilton. After the set of new cabinet, theCouncil of Wargathered in the name of CanakkaleCouncil on July 7,it wasdecidedthatthreemorenewdivisionsto be sent toCanakkale. Intheend of July, twonewdivisionsweregoingto be added. Anymore, The plan of Suvlawhich had beentalkedfor a long time becameclearer.

The 5th Army had starteditspreparationsaftertheintelligences, too and it went new regulations in thebattle field line. Yet, thelong silence after the last battles was the sign of a new attack soon.