Second Kerevizdere Battles was the fifth of the battles beginning from the first landing day according to French sources so it was called Kerevizdere V. In British sources, it was called Alçıtepe or Kanlıdere Battles. The purpose of allied forces in these two-day long battles was to move right side of the battle field forward, under the guard of French artillery before the attack of Alçıtepe.

The units of allied forces were 2 miles away from Alçıtepe. The battle field they planned to attack consisted an area of about 1600m, between northwest coast of Kanlıdere and Yassıtepe in the east which was called Rognon by the French. The distance between trenches of forces were 200 to 400 yards. British 52nd Division 155th and 157th Brigades and French units were decided to mount the attack. According to British plans 155th Brigade was going to attack first and 9 hours later, 157th Brigade was going to start to attack.

The attack started as it was expected. Artillery fire ceased at 07:35 on the morning of June 12th. Then, British 155th Brigade started to attack. E1 trenches were captured after an uphill struggle but there was a great loss. In the attacks during evening hours, the brigade lost 60% of its total number. Turkish forces that had weak artillery guard suffered heavy casualties from French attacks. In the first move, half of trenches in the west of Rognon position were captured.

Battles of June 12th were very violent. In these attacks which were highly important for both sides, they suffered great loss. Hamilton said " The ground covered by the advance varies in depth from 200 to 400 yards, and if we can maintain our gains against to-night's counter-attacks the effect of the action will be not only to advance but greatly to strengthen our line." This meant that high goals of the first days of landing changed and small progresses were accepted as important success.

The allied forces did not get the result they wanted from the campaign of the following day. At the end of these two-day -long battles, the British hold a position in Kemalbey Hill, dominant to Kerevizdere. They gained some lands but they could not reach their first goals that they had in the beginning and could not break the resistence of Turkish defense lines. Later, these lines were strenghten and the battle field constituted by units remained unchanged until the day allied forces witdrew. After these battles, such massive battles did not take place in Seddülbahir.