The Çanakkale Battle Fields had been a matter of pride for allied Powers,esp for England. It’s now which become famous all ever the World had been defeated deeply. It had been on the book from the eyes of its people and its enemies. The anly buy tor everse that situation is to compel Çanakkale from the lan in this navigation and to pass Çanakkale at all casts. That battle field will sometimes turn into extraction sometimes into bloody conticts but generally i,t will turn into psychological campaign which we call tomport battle fields Lond battle fields is going to start on April 25 and is going to continue Until January 9.It was one of the unique battle field which both two sides had lost approximately half million soldiers. Allied Powers started preparation.

Homition who witness the defeat accurred on March 18, changed his mind about the came of defeat and how it wouldbe followed after tuat and he decided that the army couldn’t accomplish without military support .Allied Powers started preparations for lond won without lasing time fourteen transport which carried Naval Division came together part Sait Harbour on March 27.

Hamilton weresure that all the troqus wouldn’nt be sufficiett enougu,He arrived of demonded Indion brigade from Lara Kitchner and he learned being accepted from General Maxwell before he left Egtpt two days ago.General cox needed day more than fifteen day for arrival of Indion brigade to Çanakkale .That force failed to reach Peninsuba until on May 1.

Hamilton come to Mondros on April 10 ,Queen Elizabeth bad analyzed the issue of extraction by a mecting and she made her plan.Accarding to that plan: Two main territaries were specified , the main force territary , one of them is Y(Pınariçi Boy), X(İkiz Boy), W(Tekke Boy),V(Ertuğrul Boy)and S(Morto Boy) in Seddülbahir.It was aimed that 4900 people would be assigned on the first stsge in order to ıncrease among of landing, also the idea of invading, also it was argued, fort his ressue wıth the force 1200 people and E.Unwins idea would be applied.

29.Division would invade Seddülbahir , Anzac forces would invade the beach which was from a mile to the harty of Kabatepe .The space which these troops needed to arrive is Çonkbayır and Kocacimentepesi. After these piaces were invaded, Turkish troops in Seddülbahir were invaded at the back in case of going down Maydos.While Neval Division was .İnvading Bolayır shares , Franch troops would invade the districts of Kumkale and Beşike in the aim of vanity.