On 5th and 6th may, orders from Chief command to 5th Army, asked for general attack. Besides with the order they said that 12th division was sent for reinforcement, also increasing the supply infantries numbers to 20.000. In Addition, stand in Chief Commander Enver Pasha came to the battlefield and was done some inspections.

Enver Pasha got some advice from the 3th army corps commander Esat Pasha for this attack. He also claimed the conditions of their units and said that they would have two choices; firstly, wait enemy attack well prepared, secondly, except many casualties and attack.

5th Army commander Liman Pasha also asked to Mustafa Kemal about his ideas. He mention that it’s time to total attack to enemy but at the end this decision was higher superiorities and he addressed Commander of Army Corps. Esat Pasha claimed his annoyance about the subject and remind that what he thought about the attack. On the other hand 3rd army corps staff major let Kazım bey and Enver Pasha know his opposite ideas about the attack wıth a letter.

Started at 3:00 am, the attack continued all night long and the first hours of it was remarkably bloody. Most of the Turkish soldiers had been martyred under the intense machine gun fire even before they could reach the trenches. The battle had not been over in the morning yet and that made the situation even harder. The attack came to nothing due to the solid defense line set by the Anzac forces. The Turkish force consisted of 42.000 soldiers could not defeat the Anzac army of 13.000. When the Turkish headquarter gave the retreat order, the number of the total casualties was 3.369 alongside the 5.967 wounded soldiers.

After this attack, there weren’t any further incidents that took place in Arıburnu, until the Battle of Anafartalar. After this battle, there were a few things that established some humane relations between the sides. Two days later after the battle, the Anzac forces raised a Red Cross flag and offered a cease fire to collect and bury the dead soldiers. After a while, two sides cooperate to bury the dead and this was the first time they had been together and helped each other. That first contact between the sides led to a peaceful environment and prejudgments were likely to be snuffed out. The Anzac hatred against the Turkish began to replace with understanding.