Ottoman Empire immediotery started preparations with the cancious that allied Powers wouldn’t live to fight onether day after 18 March victory and Ottoman Empire appointed Liman Von Sanders who was head of German Military Committee to the Cammander of forces as a commander.This new army was composed of G.Division in Gelibolu Peninsula , 11. Ve 5. Division , military poliçe unions and 64. Infontry Union. At the result of preparations and efforts,25th invasion day of 5.Army establisument was like that : 3.Army Carps ,5.Division , 7.Division ,9.Division and 19.Division was deployed in Bigalı in general reserve.15.Army Carps was in charge by the side of Anatolion protection.Halil Sami who made bloady nonflicts with enemy rejected that the places of allied nations invasion. The mistakes of German General about the invasion was mentioned in the report prepared before 25 April.