The 26th Regiment skirmished with enemy taking place in landing and stopped its advance. The biggest loss of this Regiment was in Ertuğrul and Tekke Coves. Very few of our units had defended Aytepe until 15:00. Since allied powers tried to surround Yahya Çavuş and his soldiers, our soldiers withdrew Harapkale. While all the units in Seddülbahir were fighting, Halil Sami Bey, the commander of the 9th Division, could communicate with those units at around 14:15 afternoon. This Division was not only responsible for defending Seddülbahir region but also on duty in Arıburnu landing. The 27th Regiment of this Division was also serving in Arıburnu defense.

The units, stucked around Harapkale, started military operation on April 26th. A two-team Turkish force from 10th Squadron confronted these units in Seddülbahir village. There were violent battles. The purpose of this campaign was to capture Harapkale (altitude 141m) and to unite with the attack from Aytepe and Gözcübaba Hill.

Battalion Commander Mahmut Sabri Bey left about 70 injured to the mercy of the enemy. He could only make up to those injured people with leaving enough bread and water although they expected an aid coming for them. He desperately executed withdrawal order to Kirte direction through Kanlıdere. 26th April was a great success of Turkish forces. They inflicted heavy damage on the enemy and set a new line of defense around Yalçıtepe before Kirte.