(The Fırst And The Second Of May Attacks)

On the first night of May, the tough conflicts, rather than landings, started at 22:00. The German Colonel Von Zodenshtern, who was the commander of Seddulbahir Group, motivated the soldiers under him before the battle. He said “Soldiers! The glorious day of devotion expected by the homeland and the nation has come! The happiness and well-being of the homeland depend on you.”

In the right of the battle side the 9th Division which was in the command of Colonel Halil Sami, in the left, the 7th Division in the command of Colonel Remzi started the attack on the night of May at 22:00.After tough fights, the 7th Division, incompare to the 9th Division, became successful in the attack of French 1st Division consisted of 4th and 6th Brigade including Senegalese on the 88th Brigade of British. The 21st and the 19th Regiment went through a wide line between Suleymanreisdere and Kanlıdere and destroyed the battle side by opening a hole in the enemy battle side. Some of them runaway to the Port of Morto, because they could not resist to Turkish attacks. As on the 28th of April.

The attacks which were consecutively arranged by Turkish Army during three nights after The First Kirte Battle resulted in failure. Despite this, Lord Kitchner charged against in the hope of success by taking advantage of the bad situation of Turkish Army after he attacks. Within the frame of preparations, The Second Brigade of Australia and The Brigade of New Zeland was drawnback to Seddulbahir battleside with the command of Hemilton from Anzac Corps in Ariburnu. The first target of the prepared plan was Alcitepe as in the First Kirte Battles on April 28.

In this war ,which would pass into history as The Second Kirte Battle, the Allied Forces deployed 25.000 soldiers,300 heavy machine guns,105 land torpedo and 400 cannonballs in the sea fort his campaign. On the other hand, The Ottomans prepared 10.000 soldiers, 24 heavy machineguns and 40 cannonballs. By resisting against the fierceful attacks of the power which was more times stronger than itself, showed an example of Turkish defense that made Canakkale legendary with the courage. They performed and ruined the charge plan of the enemy. Yet, the Allied Forces organized their charge plans in the whole battle side according to the advance of in this battle side.

In the last days of Kirte Battles, the Turkish casualties reached the number of 2.000 and the loss of British and French were 6.500 in total. Hamilton had to report in the telegram to London that the campaign had resulted in failure before they reached the target

The night of 15th and 16th May, The 7th Division regained the Hill of altitude 83 meter which was lost on May 8 by organizing a night attack. By the end of May, there were not any bloody battles except the regional attacks at close quarters of The South Group. May lasted with the straighten of the battlefield and fortification of the trenches. Most units of the 7th Division that were going to be exchanged with the 12th Division were transferred to Soganlidere while some of them were transferred Havuzludere.