The slogan, which will be unforgettable for Turkısh nation, came up after the infinite battle field war on 18th March 1915. Small sized oper ations being unsuccessful bombarded the bastions which were continuously goinh on at Dardanelles. Lord Kitchner while letting the 29th division to move assigned Sir Lan Hamilton to Mediterranean expeditionary forces comandership which was made by Anzak crops with French division and British Kingdom sea division the next day with this division. The founder of Çanakkale operations Churchill had an insistence Hamilton to g oto Çanakkale as quickly as possible Hamilton started moving the next day of this assignment to London with a train, and arrived to Mondros harbour on 17th March 1915.

The preparations fort he sea operation picked up speed as well.starting from the 4th of march, the divisions which were bombed were given up the destruction and started working on the cleaning the mines in the medıum defence lines of the strait.The were mine sweeping of straits were more difficult than it was expected.The mine sweeping of straits were more difficult than ıt was expected.The portable artilleries which were on both sides of the strait wasn’t able to stop by the attack ships,because of this civil boats were pushed to do the mine sweeping at the strait.These boats couldn’t make much progress because of the deeply flood.To sweep the mines they were using the flood to go down and starting the search after coming on top of the mine line.Using the destroyers to sweep mines was given up for the medıum defence lines of mines was given up for the mornings and it was started being at nights.Admiral Churchill’s secret and special telegram to carden was saying that the lost of staff is not important during the mine sweeping ,300 lost is a small lost.This jobs need to be done without caring about the lost.As fast as it is finished it is the best.It is also showed the ambition and impetuosity of Churchill about the situation.

The primary purpose of this operation was the clean the mine lines during the intense fire of morning fleets and attacking with full fower to the narrowest Turkish defenses of the strait .At the same time as soon as the starit is passed an intense land operation would start.

On 15th of march the telegram of Carden to Churchill said that if the weather is available there will be an operation to the strait on 17th of march .On the other side because of Admiral Carden being sick the command task of Allied fleet was given to Admiral J.M. De Robeck .Churchill let De Robeck know about the assignment on 17th March and wanted assurance of this operations safety for himself Admiral answerd sure of himself saying that if he weather is available they would start the attack the next day..

The same day Hamilton and French division commander General De Amade came to tenedos on 17th of march and had a meeting wth Queen Elizabeth..New commander pointed out the importance of the civil divisions in the war.Admirak said they could stop the fortresses but civil divisions would be dangeorous.

While the preparations of Allied powers were going on ,the Turks had learnt much lesson from the attacks to the strait.Fortified comender Cevat Paşa started taking required precautions with the precautions the 10th mine line was set set up until 26th of February.The 11th mine line wich imports the result of the war was going to set up to Erenköy creek.This place unusable part of Anatolian Hamidiye .

Allied fleed,which will want to take advantage of the insaffficianity of Turkish defence system was need to be disallowed to refuge themselves to this creek.For this reason Nusret mine ship started mining,under the command of lievtenant Hakkı,between 5:00 to 7:30 setting up 26 mines with 100 meter space between to Erenköyü creek parallel to the land.These mines happened to be reason of continuous land operations.

Before the 18th of March the fortified commander set up 230 artillery to the both sides of the strait.Around the Dardonos ,Erenköy ,Baykuş and Tenger lost more take divisions were made .

The preparations for the land operation were being done across.The 9th division Gallipıl allicances’s center which is in the Anatolıan side named right and left crops,were at 19th division waiting ready under the command of Lt.Col.Mustafa Kemal .Except setting up the divisions ın Gallipoli,which is the headquarter in Anatolian side .set up to the seasides of right and left of the peninsula under the command of Esat Pasha the 3rd arm crops divisions with 11th division’s duty to protect.

Allied mine searcher ships had been checked again between the area Akyarlar and Kepez bay in 17-18 March night in the morning of that night it was reported to the fleet the area was clean .The destiny of the war was stated by the my line wich Nusret mine ship had set up 10 days before,and the British offical history stated the unfound mine line was unluckly situation.

The Allied leet started the bombardment from more than 14.000 yard with the mpost powerful 4 ships ,Queen Elizabeth ,Agamemnon ,Lord Nelson and inflexible to the narrowest castles at strait on 18th of March at 11:30 .After afew minutes the back up supply bottle ships from the 1st line ,Triumph and Prinvce George would also join the bomberdmant from that long distance. Later under the command of Admirall Gueprattle Suffren ,Bouvet ,Chariemagne,Gaulois ,Cornvvallis and Canopus named Franch ships were the 2nd line and the operations ships would go among them and start beating the strait from a closer area.

The needs of these two general lınes 3rd lıne Vengeance ,Irresistible,Albion and Ocean British ships were going to pass through the strait after these ships and finish the operation .Allied fleed got ready for the attack with helping ships to Mondros harbour.

To see the sea operation around 4:00 in the morning of 18th March,Hamilton came to Limni Island.He had explaın the view of Mondoros harbour as he had never seen that many battleships and helping ships all together .

The side of Turks were waiting for a bigger and more effective operation however they couldn’t know the time of it.In a time like this supreme headquarters air adviser commander lievtenant Serno came to Çanakkale with a torpedo boat on 17th of March from İstanbul .Lievtenant Serno prepared the 3 German air forces ,which had just come to Çanakkale ,before the sun rising on 18th of March and went to observation flight towards Tenedos also let the Fortified commander know that the operation battle ships were ready to move towards the strait.This observation protected the Turkish strait defense from a invation in the morning of 18th of March.

The Allied fleet entered the strait quietly then quietly then Triumph armour started the fire at 11:30 1 line stepped in and the biggest ship Queen Elizabeth started bombing the bastion of Anatolian Hamidiye.They made Agememnon to Rumeli Mecidiye bastion ,Lord Nelson to Namezgah bastion,and Inflexible to Rumeli Hamidiye bastion targeted,and with all their power started bombing.The cannonballs the size of 380 millimetre were making big holes on the ground hand destroying badly.The ships,bastions being out of target,couldn’t respond back to the fire .In the afternoon ,1st line bombardment consisted French ships was left to the 2nd line.Until this time the bastions in the center of Rumeli had taken big damages , Rumeli Hamidiye bastions 2 artillery was dismissed from the operation Çimenlik bastions ammunition store was hit.Anatolian Hamidiye bastion was also targeted .

Around the close area of the strait everywhere was under fire and dust cloud ,Çanakkale and Kilitbahir cities were on fire as a result of the thrown bullets.Especially Oueen Elizabeth’s artilleries were setting fire on Anatolian Hamidiye bastion ,Çanakkale was effected badly from it.