Allied Powers immiediatly started the preparations with the decision of council of war. It was promised to sent standby force to carden. Furtherrmore, with the fisher advice, Queen Elizabeth, whic was the most modern with 15th inc artilleries of royal navy, was decided to send to trial of last cruise and artillery calibration. Churchill reported to France that the operation would start on 15th of February. France sent a fleet with the command of Admiral Guepratte under the was wanted to join the oparetion with attacking Bosparus from Russia. With the request Russians sent a light cruiser named Askold to Aegean.

With the decision of war council the plan of the oparetion was become clear: The strait would be passed without debarkation later to debark it was decided to use a army force and to start the preparationsin this direction. This decision was carrying great risk with it.The attack date was set up as 19th of February in 1915. For a direetly intended sea attack to the straid under the command of assigned carden had an inflexible battle ship, Agamemnon ,Triumph, Vengeance, Albion ann Cornwallis armovred ships with Sufren under the command of Admiral Guepratte, Franch division. Consisted of Gavlois and Bovvet armoured ships with 4 light cruisers, 16 torpedo-boat destroyers, 7 submarines, 21Mine searchers, 7 presemt and 14 on the way and 1 airplane carrier. Also the battle ships Queen Elizabeth and Lord Nelson were on the way. On top of these ships 187 artilleries were put in different sizes. Except this, It was decided to send 29th troop to Mondros, to complete the preparations of Allied Powers. Caused Ottoman Empire to step up the preparations as well. When the date of first attack came up, 19th of February the Allied troop’s preparations were finished. combined fleet, which was going to attack Dardanelles, was arraged 3-5 battleships in the progress of 3 troops. 1st and 2nd troopp were British ships and 3rd troop was Franch ships.