Çanakkale Battle was decided on 25th of January however the first operation was done when England declered war on Ottoman Empire on 3 rd of November in 1914 with England warship bombing the Dardanelles. In the morning of December the 3rd, a fleet with 2 English and 2 French battle ships, 4 cruiser and 8 militant bombed Kumkale and Orhaniye troops. During the bombardment, the center munition at Seddülbahir caught on fire and exploded, in this explosion 5military officer and 80 private soldier die a martyr. While 31 person got injured. After the attack to Dardanelles, authorized commander Cevat Paşa made new changes about the defense system at Dardanelles.

Some new changes about the defense system had been made to protect the Dardanelles before the war. However most of this defense system was representing 25-30 years of previous technology. With not being usable enough, these artilleries were in 2 independent, 3 heavy, at the total 35 trops , at the artillery battalion.

Before the war inconveniency of existing staff was tried to overcome with dropping the troop number to 22 and sending the staff to other troops by the recommendation of the General inspector of German artillery battalion Posseldt and Fortification general inspector Weber admiral, to ministry of war.

In contrast, authorized local commandership reported to make the preparations in Dardanelles fort he cause of entrance of Dardanelles being always easy to capture and the enemy being besiege inside. The old artillery , in the storage of Çanakkale authorized local, were being brought into play once again, while some of the heavy artillery from the near authorized locals and militaries were sending to Çanakkale . Expect this, like it was in Mesudiye battleship, with the artilleries which were reassembled from old warships and dismissed artilleries 1914 for strengthening the Dardanelles before the mobilization. In spite of all this,Dadanelles was started mined and the number of mine limes ere increased two new line was added. Searchlights werw set for the night time watch and in order to get exact shots with the organization of troops at Darnanelles.While setting up the mines and searchlights to Dardanelles on 5th of February in 1915 Fish nets were set up in certain points between the buays to prevent submarines from passing.