The planned attack had been on 15th of February but because of the sea flights and mine search ships not operationally ready,the attack got delayed to a further time.19th of february at 7:45 which was the next attack date,at Mondoros seaport the fleet under the command of Admiral Carden was starting the operation when at 7:50 an airplain ,which took of from Limni Island ,bombed the infantry troop near the Ertuğrul troop when the times showed at 9:51 Cornvvallis armoured bombed Orhaniye bastion.Next at 10:01 Truimph armoured set fire on Ertuğrul troop.Turks,being out of range,couldn’t turn an attack to EEnemys forces.At 2:30 inthe afternoonbombardment started again to destroy the bastions from a short distance under a crusher fire and It was targeted to clean the mines towards the enterence of strait .

Apart from that ,Seddülbahir’s inflexible batteships being tied town the enemy,The bastions of French troop’s of Admiral Guepratte bombed for 20 minutes and got within range of the bastions.Mean while Admiral commended Vengeance and Cornvvallis to came to the coast.These ships ,which were holding under fire on onthe bastions of Kumkale and Seddülbahir ,enfileded Orhaniye and Ertuğrul bastions next.The bastions not being able to turn an attack made the impression of the troops being destroyed to Admiral Carden ,therefare the command which was suffen to came closer the coast and vengeance to cease fire and control the troops was understood mistakenly ,as suffren cease fire and get close to Inflexible ,a big change was lost for combined fleet,and come to a conclusion with stopping the boming to Orhaniye troops which they had fire superiority and yield.In eventide the sky got dark and the risibility distance decreased so Admiral Carden decided they couldn’t obtain much result and commanded to fleet to come back at 5:20 pm.

In the bombardment ,continived all day more than 7 hours ,more than 1000 bullets were used and considering ,the first serious naval campaign,the part of Turks gave little casualty.In the troops of Orhaniye and Seddülbahir 4 casualties 2 of them were military officers and 11 private soldier were injuned.

While these operations were happening sending a land force to Çanakkale on 19 th of February came up again.If was commanded to informing Genaral Maxwell that the fleet was ready to attack Dardanells under the command of General Birdwood the Anzac powers with 30.000 staff around 9 th of March to make ready for the attack with the transportation ships which were gotten ready for 29 th division.The cocncil of war,which met on 24th of February ,Uyoyd Gerge was not wanting the armed forces to be used somewhere else.While Churchill wanted to see the success of the attack which started to Çanakkale by British community.After this date allied ships continued to bomb the straits until 18th of March.

Until the 18th of March the fortress of outlyings being dropped ,at Allied fleet set hopes on passing the strait,these progressions had brought big effects on Russia and Balkan states.Warm messages were started coming to Allied states from Romania and İtaly ,under the circumstances Bulgaria brokedown of negotiations with centered states..Being scared of not getting a share from the Ottoman Empire falling to pieces Russia had offered to send an army with 40.000 staff to join the operation of enterence to Black sea strait.In these maybe the most important one was Venizelos offer convincing the Greek King to sent 3 Greek division to Çanakkale.However with Russia not excepting this offer was dropped.Also all the effects of this operation was shown itself in İstanbul and around it about social economic life.Even the center of government (which was İstanbul)being moved to somewhere else come up.

During the time of bombardments was gotten excited the people living in İstanbul.USA Embassador Hanry Morgenthav said not just the community,the affect on the panic and the horror in official classes was know everywhere stated in this memories.Also he proclaimed that Turks would prefer destructing instead of leaving the city .Except this embassador Morgenhaw indicated that everybody believed Allied navy would pass the strait except Enver pasha.

During the days of bombing being the worst and Allied states attacks being increased in İstanbul ,intense discussions were happened in the Parlimentary assembly disagreed with the idea of movi,ng the assembly to Eskişehir by supporting enomy not being able to pass the straits and even if they did this situation was going to increase the determination and steadiness of Turkish nation.

Liman Von Sanders evaluated the discussions about moving in Istanbul as:

Turkish general headquarters started noticing the enemy armies probabitity to pass the strait at the end of February. And the suit with suit with Sultan ,civil and military position and to take steps to protect the treasury .positions and to take steps to protect the treasury.ıf the Enemy arms succeed and passedthrough the starit,all these would move to some different places in the Anatolian side.

According to İkdam newspaper while all these discussions were going on in İstanbul’s diplomacy the people were continuning their normal lives ;

In here the agreement of Kal’a-i Sultaniyye bombardment’s effect is ineffective .there isn’t any change in the status of the country .Everybody is busy with their works,duties and exchanges.even though In the word all the events start severe causing excitement then slowly getting used to and loosing the first effect ,from the first day of the bombardment it has been ineffective.We could almost say that the pose of the cıty of community and the way they live there is no change.This outstanding psychic phenomenan’s reason is available to analysis.Negletting the community’s sensibility is in dispensible .In this feet we can see the respect and loyalty of people and how successful.

During the times like this,it is important to keep things censored .The goverments borrowings and the expenses of the war before the war started ,because the war hadn’t showed itself completely the government was able to pay the expenses .The actual effects of the war would show itself.with thousand of injured of Çanakkale front line flood into the Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa ports.