Admiral DE robeck made closer to set closer fire to the bastions from the 3rd line .The destiny of the war was about to change from now and on.Now the armours were under the target of the artillery and now the actual war was starting .

At Bouvet a well directed shot coming from Anatolian Hamidiye bastion there was a big bomb the ship listed and sunk in 3 minutes.

During this time Turkish side’s drowning staff needed to be saved and for this the fire was stopped so except Elizabeth and Agememnon all the other ships stopped firing.

After Bouvet sank at 3:14 pm a bombardment happened close to Irresistible .The ship listed while trying to leave the area at4:15 pm .With hitting a mine the ship started getting water in from under the engine room.Ocean was commanded to get it back up,under command of colonel Dent Wear enemy ship got closer and after saving the staff they realized they couldn’t save the shipt so left ,it alone and retured back.Irresistable whick got stock in the middle of the sea,had given the chance to Turkish middle of the sea,had given the chance to Turkısh artillery.Ocean which was commanded to save this ship couldn’t success because of the bombardment comming from the bastions.

Admiral De Robeck was shown the mines was being cleaned with the reports in hand.When the times showed 5:30pm ,with the fleet ships making the fire tense to Rumeli Mecidye division ,the bullets targeted the private soldier shelter destroyed the ammunition and a lot of private soldiers died a martyr.During all these Mehmet oğlu Seyit ,who was from Çamlık town of Edremit ,driven deeply mad and carried a bullet 215 kilogram heavy with his friend Ali to a technically broken crane and shot the Ocean with the 3rd bullet.The ship lost its balance and couldn’t resist to the floot ,hitting the mines in Erenköy creek ,dragged until Morto creek,10:30 at night went under the water .

Afterwards Mustafa Kemal had called seyit and talked tohim hour after hour during his visiting to Conkbayırı.When Seyid was judjed by the court.Mustafa Kemal had taken care of him and had honoured him.

Ashmet Bartlett is on of the person who is not able to hide their suprising in these experienced situations in the reports which derived from official and unofficial resources barlett had described as immediate impact that armored of English and French battle ships damgoing much more.The main couse of defeat was mines which were left and depended on stable divisions.

At the and of the day,allied forces at harbour ,also ancreased the loss.One of the most powerful fleet,must have been left and stood back.Bouvet Ocean ,Irresistible sunk and Inflexible ,Golva .Suffren,Agamemnon were dismissed from war.One third of fleet lost of power.

The victory which had been taken in 18 march ,it will cause new beginings.Allied nations defeat in Dardanells and it caused many excitements in Anatolia.After English press,the victory was perceived deep happiness in all country.Turkish nation gained it’s self-confidence again .Following days ,this huge success and victory was perceived with victory congrulations in Anotalia with the title of ‘’Rural Applause’’.İn Erzurum,Antakya ,Refahiye ,Ayıntab, all people organized festivals,hong out Turkish flags all over the city centre . In newspapers,magazines,it was informed about ships which were sunk,although Allied’s loss,it was stated that,Turkish side had less loss.With the getting news in frontlines of private reporters,these were broadcasted in detailed version in newspaper.