The invitation for the 100th Anniversary of Çanakkale Victory’s activities by Governor Ahmet Çinar

Canakkale battle was one of the biggest and bloodiest battles. 1144 letters and invitations were sent to Governerships, Metropolition Municipalities, General Directorates, Holdings, Bank Presidents, Federations, Sport Clubs and Juristic people because this year is the 100. Anniversary of Çanakkale Battles. The governer gives great importance to that special year and wants to organise a national and international activities with great participation. More that 100 projects were received by the coordination center and they are still being evaluated.

The full tests of the letter is below:

We are waiting for your projects and suggestions for the 100th anniversary of Çanakkale Battle. Çanakkale is the place where the biggiest and bloodiest battle in the history took place and our ancestory made a glarious history with courage. This is the area where an imperialist period ended and great Turkey was born.

Numerous soldiers from each village, joined the army and lost their lives without any hesitation. Çanakkale is Soirutual Capital of Turkey. It is our city, Çanakkale. It also belongs to even the soldiers came from foreign countries without any aim or destination. Great leader Mustafa Kemal mentioned about them by saying:

“Those heroes that shed their blood and lost their lives. You are now lying in the soil of a friendly country. There fore rest in peace……”

We have 250000 casualties, numeroues veterans bu we have sprit of Çanakkale that is a gift from AAllah. We will celebrate this special year, as our Casualties and Veterans deserve and we will earn esteem of the world.this is an opportunity for you to show your children Çanakkale sprit, patrionism, beautiy and value of the the country and nation.

Best Regards

Governor Of Çanakkale
Ahmet Çınar