3rd November 1914

The Allied navy with 18 battleships got close to Dardanelles. Four battleships started to bomb the entrance bastion about 13,800 meters far away at 06:55. Two English battleship bombed Seddülbahir and Ertuğrul Bastions. The Ottoman artilleries counter-attacked the strike lasted for about 17 minutes. As a result of this strike, there was a big explosion in the ammunition store of Seddülbahir Bastion as the cannon ball fell down. Most of the officers and soldiers became martyrs in Seddülbahir Bastion, 2 officers and 19 soldiers were injured.

The total loss was 107 people. 11 tones of gunpowder and 360 cannon balls exploded in the ammunition store. This bombardment was not for getting any result but it was just a show and threat. More importantly, it meant actually the war declaration against the Ottoman Empire. After the first attack, the Ottoman Empire took the subject of providing security of the Dardanelles more seriously. The artilleries which were taken from İstanbul, Edirne and old battleships were placed in the Bosporus.